Our Story


Energetic jigs, crazy waltzes, groovy schottisches and mad bourrées... Inspired by traditional European dancing rhythms this tight group of friends creates their own musical wonderland. They tease, chase and provoke each other into wild musical landscapes from which their music can only go one way: to the dancers and listeners. Té is a Netherlands-based "chamber-balfolk" quartet, featuring tunes composed and arranged by its members: Niek van Uden (accordion), Conny Essbach (clarinet), Sander van der Schaaf (guitar/percussion), and Emilyn Stam (5 string fiddle). All Té-tunes are original and written to dance to. 

Té was founded in May 2011 after a couple months of jamming in Tilburg's Hall of Fame. All four members had a fresh interest in learning about common social folk dances in western Europe, and brought their influences from Balkan, Quebecois, French, Scandinavian and Turkish music to create new dancing music. They recorded their first album in 2012, and have toured in France (Gennetines, Le Grand Bal de l'Europe), Germany (Leipzig Tanzhaus Fest and more) Czech Republic (Prague Balfolk Festival and more) Poland, the Netherlands, and Canada (Summerfolk Festival, Goderich Celtic Festival and more).

In October 2015, Té recorded their second album: The Squirrel's Stash. During their tour in Canada they met many a squirrel which inspired the theme for their new album. Plans are in place for a CD release tour in Europe, spring 2016, and a Canadian tour in 2017. Sign up on the mailing list to find out up to date information!